About Us

Welcome to TA architectural firm, where we specialize in the art and science of creating distinctive environments for living, learning, work, and recreation. Our comprehensive range of services begins with a feasibility analysis, physical planning, and programming, all of which are essential precursors to the design process. Our approach is rooted in ambitious ecological design frameworks, which enable us to seamlessly integrate key elements such as space planning, human scale, open and transitional areas, landscape, transportation, utility infrastructure, and building issues, all while evolving aesthetically within the parameters of each project.

As experts in the design of various building and place types, we have made significant theoretical and practical contributions in the fields of urbanism and housing. Our organizational structure revolves around project teams that oversee each project from inception to completion, ensuring that every detail is given the utmost attention.

At TA, we pride ourselves on our rich expertise and innovative approach, while still adhering to a straightforward business philosophy. We are flexible enough to evolve alongside the ever-changing landscape of our industry, yet strong enough to provide a sturdy foundation for our clients, team, and community. Thank you for considering TA architectural firm for your next project.